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How To Get A Quick Divorce Without Hightailing It To Nevada

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Although Nevada is synonymous with quick divorces, you don’t have to get out of state to conclude your divorce fast. Here are a few tips to help you divorce fast in your state. File a No-Fault Divorce Virtually all states allow for no-fault divorce filings. Therefore, even if your partner has wronged you and you feel like getting vindicated in court, you may wish to ignore your feelings and file a no-fault divorce instead if you want it to be over quickly. Read More»

Where's That Money? Collecting Your Personal Injury Award

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If there can be anything positive about being injured in a car wreck, it might be getting the monetary help you need. There are two ways to get paid for things like car wrecks. You may be offered a settlement from the insurance company or you might prevail in court. Read on to learn more about when and how you can expect to be paid what you are owed. Is there any money available? Read More»

How To Successfully Negotiate Alimony

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If you have decided to divorce your spouse, you probably know that the best way to go about it is to negotiate an out-of-court agreement. This includes negotiating all aspects of your divorce agreement, including alimony. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind during alimony negotiations. Be Reasonable You need to be realistic with your demands and request for something that your spouse has. For example, there is no sense asking for $5,000 per month if your spouse earns roughly the same amount per month; even the court can’t make such a determination. Read More»

Letter Of Adverse Action: Handling Workers Compensation Denials

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Most people have no trouble getting the valuable benefits from their employer’s workers comp carrier. If things go right, you can expect to get recuperation time at home and payment of your medical bills related to the injury. Sometimes, however, things hit a snag. Read on for some idea of what could happen and how to set things right when they do. The carrier has found inconsistencies when reviewing your claim. Read More»

Tips For Bar Owners To Preserve Their Liquor License By Avoiding Over-Serving

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When you open a bar or a restaurant that serves alcohol, part of securing and retaining your liquor license is ensuring that your staff knows how to avoid overserving. Most every state across the country has laws in place that hold the establishment owner liable if someone is overserved and suffers or causes injuries as a result. In addition, if something like this happens, you’ll lose your liquor license. During the licensing application process, show the administration that your staff is trained by teaching them these tips. Read More»