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How To Get A Quick Divorce Without Hightailing It To Nevada

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Although Nevada is synonymous with quick divorces, you don't have to get out of state to conclude your divorce fast. Here are a few tips to help you divorce fast in your state.

File a No-Fault Divorce

Virtually all states allow for no-fault divorce filings. Therefore, even if your partner has wronged you and you feel like getting vindicated in court, you may wish to ignore your feelings and file a no-fault divorce instead if you want it to be over quickly. A fault divorce takes time because you have to prove your partner's wrongdoing, and they won't take it lying down either.

Determine Most of the Things on Your Own

Most of the things people go to divorce court for are things they can decide on their own. Things like property division, child custody, and debt settlement, among others, are all things you can sit down with your spouse and negotiate. Once you do that, you just go to court to confirm that your agreement meets the legal threshold in your state. That way you don't waste a lot of time in court arguing over the same things.

Try Alternative Dispute Resolution or Alternative Divorce

Even if you can't come to an agreement with your spouse, there are alternative dispute resolution methods or alternative divorce that may be faster than litigation. For example, you can try mediation or collaborative divorce. In most cases, anything that saves you from going at each other in court is likely to lead to a quick divorce resolution.

Be Honest From the Beginning

Being honest with your partner and lawyer may also save you time during divorce. If you are honest, you don't give your partner any reason to doubt your claims and the negotiations will proceed as usual. Being dishonest will call for numerous checks and balances that waste a lot of time. Imagine your partner realizing halfway through the negotiations that they have been basing their demands on false premises all along; that can easily send you back to square one as far as the negotiations are concerned.

Choose Your Fights

It's unlikely that you will come through the divorce with everything you wanted so you shouldn't even try. You need to choose what to fight for and what to let go of if you want your divorce to be over quickly. In particular, you should fight for things for the sake of fighting or annoying your partner. You should also not waste time fighting for things you don't have a legal right to because it's just a waste of time.

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