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Letter Of Adverse Action: Handling Workers Compensation Denials

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Most people have no trouble getting the valuable benefits from their employer's workers comp carrier. If things go right, you can expect to get recuperation time at home and payment of your medical bills related to the injury. Sometimes, however, things hit a snag. Read on for some idea of what could happen and how to set things right when they do.

The carrier has found inconsistencies when reviewing your claim. Be very careful when filling out the workers comp claim form and when speaking to anyone about the work-related injury. Details like time, date, witnesses and more should be letter perfect. Avoid speaking about the issue on social media, since any inconsistencies when you talk about the injury could cause your claim to be denied. If you review your claim and find a mistake, call the carrier and try to get it straightened out and get your claim back on track.

You have been accused of having drugs in your system at the time of the accident. If there's anything that might put your claim in jeopardy, it is this. You can count on being tested as soon as you seek medical care for your injury, but not all drugs that turn up on those tests are necessarily illegal. If you have a prescription for the drug, you should be able to appeal your case and get it reinstated.

You are being denied because the accident did not happen at work, or did not happen at all. If you've been injured on work property, return to the scene and see if you can find coworkers who may have witnessed the accident. Witnesses, when it comes to proving your injury, are vital. Survey the accident area for signs of video recording devices and take action to procure that valuable footage before it gets routinely erased.

You should also realize that it is not necessary for you to actually be at work for your injury to be classified as work-related. You are covered for any business trips, driving in the company car and any work-mandated off-site training, conferences, appointments and social gatherings. For example, if work awards are given out at your company's annual softball game at city park and you get injured while there, you should be covered.

These above reasons are common, but unfortunately they are not the only denial issues with workers comp. If you claim is being disputed for any reason, you need more help. Speak to a workers comp attorney from firms like Matt Fendon Law Group to learn more.