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Should You Hire A Litigation Lawyer To Handle Your Breach Of Contract Complaint?

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If you feel that a contract or agreement that your company has made with another party hasn’t been fulfilled, you may be entitled to file a breach of contract lawsuit to receive compensation for your loss. Instead of relying on your company’s general lawyer to handle the case, it’s important to consider hiring an experienced commercial litigation lawyer to do the legwork. Here are a few crucial questions a litigation lawyer can help you answer: Read More»

Why You May Not Want To Take Your Attorney's Medical Advice

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Dealing with serious injuries resulting from an accident caused by another person’s negligence is priority number one if you or your loved one plans to file a lawsuit. Depending on the circumstances, the damages stemming from a negligent act can cost a significant amount of money. One of the important things you need to consider when seeking medical treatment is to use the best specialists possible. Those are not always who all attorneys will recommend, however. Read More»

How You Can Get That Law Internship You Want

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During law school, you begin to make plans on where you want to complete your internship. This is a necessary step toward taking your final exams and passing the Bar. A good internship at the right law office will give you the advantage and experience you need to succeed in your chosen profession. How do you get that internship at the law office of your choice? Here are a few tips that can help. Read More»

Comparing Revocable And Irrevocable Trusts: Five Things You Should Know

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If you’d like to set up a trust with your assets so they can be portioned out to your beneficiaries either before or after your death, you need to choose between a revocable and an irrevocable trust.  The following are five things you should be aware of to help you decide between these two trust types: In an irrevocable trust, you will no longer technically own property placed in the trust. Read More»

2 Reasons To Hire A Probate Lawyer

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One of the most useful resources available to you if you are attempting dealing with the estate of a friend, loved one, or associate that has passed away is a probate lawyer, mostly because the many ways in which he or she can make the entire probate process much simpler for you. Listed below are two reasons to hire a probate lawyer. Preserve The Value Of The Estate One of the most important reasons to hire a probate lawyer is because he or she can help you preserve the value of the estate. Read More»

What To Wear And What Not To Wear For Courtroom Success

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If you have a criminal charge pending and a visit to a courtroom in your future, you would do well to pay special attention to how you dress in court. If you are of the mindset that appearance doesn’t matter, think again, particularly if your case is being heard in front of a jury. You can actually harm you chances for success by choosing an inappropriate ensemble, so read on to about what to wear and what not to wear to make an impression in the courtroom. Read More»