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How You Can Get That Law Internship You Want

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During law school, you begin to make plans on where you want to complete your internship. This is a necessary step toward taking your final exams and passing the Bar. A good internship at the right law office will give you the advantage and experience you need to succeed in your chosen profession. How do you get that internship at the law office of your choice? Here are a few tips that can help.

Choose the Right Firm and Apply

There are literally hundreds of law offices you can choose from to apply for an internship and you need to find the right one for the type of law you want to practice. Do your research on firms that interest you and look into if they cover the type of law you are wanting to practice. You can also look into organizations that work with different law firms to help clients as well.

Find their emails and phone numbers of your shortlisted law firms and draft a letter or phone call asking if they have openings in their intern department. You should find out what they are looking for in an intern if they have a specific law school they mostly draft their interns from and what grades they typically have.

When you send them your application, make sure you include your grade average, year of student you are and any other internships, publications, seminars or courses you took or studied. Also, attach a copy of your CV with your cover letter.

Keep in Contact

Once you sent your application to the law office, it's a good idea to keep in contact with them. Give them a call to ask about the status of your application and keep track of each of their responses. You might have to call them more than once and it shows interest if you call them back until you get a definitive answer. This can be done once every week or two weeks until their decision is made.

If you don't hear anything over a period of a month or so, go to the office and speak to the HR director and don't forget to bring your CV with you.

The Interview

Once you are granted an interview, you will speak with a lawyer in charge of the interns. Give firm answers about yourself, why you want to work at this office, what your aspirations and ambitions are and what your qualifications are. Let them know what you would like to achieve in their office and what you would like to take away from the experience. If you would like to work as a lawyer at the firm one day, then let them know that too.

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