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Custodial Rights: Can A Lawyer Help You See Your Child?

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If you and your ex-spouse share joint legal custody of your children, the family court may allow you specific days or times of the year to visit or spend time with your kids. But if your children's other parent refuses to honor your time-share agreement, you may wonder if the other parent violated your parental rights. You can fight for your custodial rights with a child custody lawyer's help. Learn more about time-share agreements and how to fight for your parental and custodial rights below. 

What's a Time-Share Agreement?

When parents divorce, family law establishes a time-share agreement for them. A time-share agreement legally allows each parent to spend time with their children. The time allotted to each parent may depend on the laws in the family's state or residence and the type of child custody agreement the family court establishes for the family. Even if your kids live with the other parent, you still have legal rights to see them based on your time-share agreement. 

Most family law courts create parenting plans to protect and solidify the time-sharing agreements between parents. Although both parents share legal custody of their children, the parent who lives with their children generally receives the most time with them. A parenting plan ensures the other parent receives the right amount of visitation time with their kids without the other parent's interference. However, some parents dishonor their parental plans and time-share agreements by not allowing the other parent to see or pick up their children during the year. 

If the other parent doesn't honor the time-share agreement or parental plan established by family court for your children, contact a family law attorney today. 

How Do You Enforce a Time-Share Agreement?

A family law attorney will go over your time-share agreement and parental plan to see what they contain. If the agreement and plan allow you a specific time or visitation with your children, an attorney will ask family court to issue a court order to protect your rights. The court order prevents the other parent from making plans for your children when it's time for you to visit or pick them up from their home. 

A lawyer may also ask family court to assign a case manager or mediator to you. A case manager or mediator accompanies you to your children's home on your regularly scheduled visits. The individual ensures the other parent doesn't prevent you from picking up your children or visiting them. If the other parent blocks access to your children, a mediator can report the incident to family court or to a family law attorney on your behalf.

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