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Collisions Caused By Missing Stop Signs And How To Get Compensation

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Many vehicle collisions are caused by negligent drivers. However, some crashes occur because of other factors that drivers cannot control. For instance, some wrecks happen because of poor road design or maintenance. Another factor that drivers can't control is the lack of stop signs, which can cause a driver to fail to stop at an intersection. Such an error can lead to a serious collision, and you might suffer severe injuries and damages. If you find yourself in such a situation, the following information can enable you to know your rights and legal options. 

The Government Might Be Liable for the Collision 

Government institutions are responsible for maintaining traffic signs. Therefore, the motorist should not take full responsibility for the damages caused by missing signage. Unfortunately, some governments are immune to liability, which makes it challenging to get compensation after a vehicle crash in an area without a stop sign. However, you may still be able to sue and get a settlement for your damages, especially if you hire a car accident lawyer to represent you in your lawsuit.

The professional will evaluate your state law to determine whether there are provisions that may give you a right to sue a government entity. For example, taking legal action against the government is a viable option if the law states that it is mandatory to have stop signs on all roads. In such a case, your attorney will get the necessary information to prove your case and then prepare your lawsuit. They are conscientious in following all the requirements that these complaints must adhere to when bringing a claim against a government entity.

There May Be Some Differences From Other Types of Claims

The law provides guidelines on the procedures applicants should follow when bringing injury claims against the government. Some are similar to other types of injury cases, like the statute of limitations requirement. However, others differ, including specifications regarding punitive damages. Your attorney will discuss all the laws that might affect your case before starting the compensation process. Doing this will provide an understanding of how to approach your case to help you receive compensation.

Accidents caused by a lack of stop signs can be challenging to prove and may be more complicated than other collisions because they involve government entities. This is why you should consider hiring a lawyer to help you navigate the complex compensation process, resulting in a favorable outcome.

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