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You May Be Able To Have Your Burglary Charges Dismissed

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When an individual is accused of having broken into a home to commit a burglary, it might seem like there is no way for the burglar to prove that they are innocent. However, there are some cases where a misunderstanding or negligence on the part of an arresting officer can lead to the burglary charges being dropped, especially with the help of legal counsel from a criminal lawyer.

Facing Burglary Charges

To be found guilty of burglary, the prosecutor must prove that you engaged in unauthorized breaking and entering. If there is a reason that you were authorized to enter the home, the breaking and entering accusation is harder to prove. 

You will need to break into a building or occupied structure. For example, wandering onto someone else's lawn would not be considered an act of breaking and entering. Also, the prosecutor must prove that you had the intention to commit a crime.

The Importance of an Alibi

If you were not caught at the scene of the crime, you may have an easier time arguing that you were falsely accused. If you have an alibi, the prosecution may find it even more difficult to charge you. You can also have character witnesses testify to the fact that you're not the type of person who would commit a burglary. You will also likely be given the benefit of the doubt if you have a lack of criminal history.

An alibi is corroboration that you were not at the location of the burglary at that time. a location you were at during the crime. This defense is based on the idea that you cannot be in two different places at the same time. However, your alibi will need to be unwavering.

Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer

With the help of a criminal lawyer, you will be able to gather evidence and craft an effective defense against the accusation of burglary. The prosecution must prove that you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

While the prosecution may present evidence, your attorney may be able to have some or all of the evidence declared inadmissible. Regardless of how terrible you think the charges are, you will give yourself the best chance if you hire a criminal lawyer.

If you have further questions, reach out to a local law firm and ask to speak to a lawyer who specialized in criminal law.