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4 Common Marriage-Related Issues That Family Law Attorneys Handle

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Have you ever wondered what a family law attorney does? Family law attorneys handle all kinds of events associated with family situations, plus they also offer many other services. Many of their services relate to marriage issues, though, and here are four common marriage-related issues that family law attorneys handle.

1. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

If you want to protect your assets when getting married, you can create a prenuptial agreement before you go through with the wedding. A prenuptial agreement stops your new spouse from being entitled to your things if you divorce. A postnuptial agreement is almost the same thing, except that you create shortly after you marry. Both agreements protect one spouse's things in a marriage. If the couple divorces, they must follow the agreement when settling their divorce case.

2. Annulments

The second service a family law attorney assists with is an annulment. Most states allow you to legally void a marriage if you stop it within a certain timeframe. If you get married and soon realize that you do not want to be married, you can apply for an annulment. To do this, you will need to hire a lawyer for help. Annulments can be confusing, but you can learn more by talking to a family law attorney.

3. Divorce Cases

Divorce cases are probably the most common marriage-related issue that family law attorneys handle. If you are married and decide to get divorced, you will need to hire a lawyer. Handling a divorce alone is never a smart move unless you have no assets or kids. If you have kids and assets it is better to have legal representation. Your lawyer can help you get the best settlement out of the divorce.

4. Child Custody Battles

The fourth common thing that family lawyers help with is child custody battles. If you are divorced and have kids with someone else, you might decide to fight for custody of these children. Many parents today fight for custody rights when they have children with someone they are not married to, also. In any case, if you have children, you can try to gain custody rights of the kids. You will need a lawyer to do this, though.

If you ever need assistance with any of these events, you can contact a family law attorney. Family law attorneys assist with these cases and much more, so call one today to learn more.