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Have You Signed A Letter Of Representation With A Workers Comp Attorney? What The Insurance Company Can And Cannot Do

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If you have been injured on the job, you may be able to file a worker's compensation case. A worker's compensation case helps to cover your lost wages, pay for your medical expenses and pay for any permanent injuries that you may have sustained due to a job-related injury. Many people decide to hire a worker's compensation attorney to help them with their case. If you have just hired an attorney, you may have signed a letter of representation that is then passed on to the insurance company. Once this happens, you may wonder what the insurance company can and cannot continue to do. Here is some information you should know.

They Can Continue to Investigate Your Case

A worker's compensation insurance company is allowed to continue to investigate your case even if you hire an attorney. They can talk to your employer, obtain video footage from your employer, and talk to any employees that may have witnessed the accident. Their investigation does not cease simply because you hire an attorney. 

They Cannot Cut Off Any Benefits Because You Have Hired an Attorney

One of the things that the insurance company cannot do is cut off any benefits you may already be receiving, such as temporary disability payments, simply because you have hired an attorney. If your case has been accepted, they cannot turn around and delay or deny it, or change your benefits due to you retaining an attorney, nor can your employer fire you for hiring an attorney. 

They Can Continue to Direct Your Medical Treatment

In most states, the employer is allowed to direct your medical treatment for a period of time following the accident, typically for the first 90 to 180 days. This means the employer can require you to go to their network of doctors or providers. If you hire an attorney, you are still required to follow your employer directed treatment until you are outside of the allowable window for your state. 

They Cannot Continue to Contact You

Once you have retained a worker's compensation attorney, the insurance company is no longer allowed to communicate with you. They cannot call you and ask for a verbal or written statement from you. Likewise, if you call them and ask a question, they will direct you to your attorney, as they cannot provide you with the answer.

A worker's compensation attorney can be beneficial to you if your worker's compensation case has been denied, if your case is delayed and you are not getting the benefits you are entitled to, or if you have sustained major injuries. Contact a worker's compensation attorney today to discuss your case with an attorney and learn the ways in which they can help you with your case.