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3 Industries Where You Are At A Higher Risk For Injuries

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When you choose a job, it is important to understand your risk for being injured on the job. There are certain jobs where your risk of injury is a little higher than other occupations. Knowing this from the start can be helpful and can help you avoid injuries in the first place.

#1 Construction Industry

An industry where injuries are common is the construction industry. The industry has taken numerous steps to protect workers have been taken within the industry. There are both federal and state regulations in place to regulate the construction industry.

However, staying safe on the job takes more than that. Safety on the job requires that everyone be trained in how to properly operate machinery and complete all necessary tasks. Safety on the job requires that everyone be vigilant about following safety rules at all time. Safety on the job is about taking care of equipment and keeping it in good shape.

Even in the most-well trained construction workplace, injuries can still occur. However, a well-trained staff that is properly supervised can greatly reduce the chance of an injury.

#2 Heavy Machinery Jobs

There are lots of jobs where heavy machinery is used outside of the construction industry. Heavy machinery is used in factory work, warehouse work, and within the agricultural industry. There is always a risk around heavy machinery, even with proper training, because heavy machinery is used to do dangerous jobs, such as lifting and moving heavy items.

When working with heavy machinery, the best way to reduce injury on the job is by making sure you are properly trained to work with the machinery and fully understand how to do your job safety. The second-best way to reduce on-the-job injury with heavy machinery is through daily inspections of the machinery as well as ensuring all necessary maintenance is performed on time.

#3 Kitchens

The next industry where workplace injuries are common are kitchens. These could be restraint kitchens, school or nursing home kitchens, or any other type of regulated kitchen environment. Within a kitchen, there is a big risk of burns, as there are generally multiple hot moving items. The risk of cuts, due to the use of knives and other sharp objects, are high. Then there is the risk of slipping and falling due to items being spilled on the floor. Training and properly maintaining a kitchen can greatly reduce these risks.

If you work in an industry where workplace accidents are more common, be sure to watch out for your own safety. If you are injured at work, contact a workers' compensation or a personal injury attorney right away to work on your case. They will help you make sure that you document everything correctly and get the assistance you need.