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2 Reasons Your Employer May Fight Your Worker's Compensation Claim & How You Should Respond Back

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If you are getting ready to file a worker's compensation claim, you need to expect some resistance from your employer in regards to your claim. Here are two reasons why your worker's compensation claim may be fought against by your employer.

#1 Employer May Not Believe Injury is Serious

One reason employers fight employees on worker's compensation claims is because they don't believe that the employee actually suffered from a serious injury that warranted medical attention and recovery time off from work. This is often the case when an employee suffers a work injury that develops over time, such as a stress injury from doing the same action over and over again, or a back injury due to picking up or moving something at work.

Many times, employers like to put the blame on your activities outside of work instead of the activities you do at work. To fight against this, you should compile information about all the tasks that you do each day, what type of motions those tasks require out of you, and how long you have been doing those tasks and motions. This will help you prove the validity of your claims.

If your employer didn't believe that your injury was that serious and didn't warrant medical attention, make sure that you get detailed documentation of all of your medical treatment and make sure that you have your doctor write a note explaining your medical condition, why it requires treatment, and why it requires recovery time from work. This will help strengthen your case.

#2 Employer May Not Want To Face Increased Insurance Premiums

Dealing with worker's compensation claims is just one of the parts of being a business owner. By law in most states, employers are required to carry worker's compensation insurance so that they can pay any worker's compensation claims brought to them by their employers. You should not feel quality for filing a worker's compensation claim; this type of claim and insurance is the result of many hard-fought labor fights throughout history to improve the safety of work conditions for employees. It is your right to be compensated for an injury that you got at work; it is your right to be compensated for an injury you would not have sustained had you not been working.

Nevertheless, some employers feel put-out when they have to actually deal with a workers' compensation claim and will fight against it because they don't want to pay the cost of the claim or face higher worker's compensation insurance costs in the future.

If this the case, remember that an independent third party will verify your claim, and you just need to work with a lawyer, such as Jack W Hanemann, P.S., to make sure that you have a solid, well-documented case to present to the worker's compensation board in your state.