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3 Things You Can Do At The Motorcycle Accident Scene To Gather Evidence For Your Personal Injury Case

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A motorcycle accident can result in serious injuries. If you are the motorcyclist, there is little protection around you during a collision. Thus, your injuries may require significant medical treatment to facilitate your recovery.

If the accident is due to the negligence of another motorist, it is important to pursue a personal injury case. However, if you do not take proper precautions at the scene of the accident, you may not have enough evidence to substantiate the other driver's negligence. Here are a few things you can do to add to the supporting evidence for your personal injury case after a motorcycle accident:

Immediately after the accident, take pictures.

If you are physically well enough after the accident, use your mobile phone to take snapshots of the scene. Although it may be tempting to move your motorcycle out of the road, leave it in its original position as you take your photographs. The positioning of the vehicles can help display how the accident happened and who caused it.

The images should also include pictures of the other vehicle involved. Damages that are related to the accident should be easily seen on the pictures to substantiate claims for property damages.

The pictures can even provide images of the weather conditions present during the incident.

Call an ambulance if you are injured.

Your chance of being injured in a motorcycle accident is relatively high. Falling from the bike can cause large abrasions, bruises, and even broken bones. Additionally, although your bike helmet may supply some protection for your skull, your neck may have little defense from injury.

Sometimes, neck, back, and spinal cord injuries are difficult to diagnose immediately. If you believe you are injured at all, it is best to be assessed by medical personnel at the scene of the accident. They can determine whether or not you are hurt severely enough to require transport to an area medical facility.

The treatment that you receive will be well-documented by the medical workers. This documentation can later serve as concrete proof of your injuries when you pursue compensation through your personal injury claim.

Get the name and phone number of witnesses.

If there are eyewitnesses to the accident, try to record their name and phone number before you leave the scene, especially if they saw your bike being struck by the other vehicle. Having a supporting account of the other driver's negligence can help secure your personal injury case.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.