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About Regaining Child Custody After Overcoming Drug & Alcohol Addiction

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Did you lose custody of your children to the state due to an addiction to alcohol and drugs causing you to neglect their daily needs? A lawyer might be able to help you regain custody of your kids if you have overcome the bad addictions and can prove that you are now in a stable position to care for them. In this article, you will find out what a lawyer might do to prove to the court that you deserve custody of your children.

Prove That You Have Dropped Your Addictions

Being that the main reason you lost custody of your children was because of alcohol and drug addiction, the lawyer will make sure that you are clean before taking your case. He or she will ask you how you overcame the addictions and if you ever feel a need to relapse. If you were treated in an addiction facility, the lawyer will need documentation of your treatment. He or she might also speak to the professionals that helped you come clean to see if they can act as witnesses in court. People that know you will also be contacted by your lawyer as character witnesses of your progress.

Assess Your Financial Situation

The next step to getting your children back is to prove that you are financial stable enough to take care of their daily needs. You must give the lawyer details about your job, such as how long you have had it and the amount of money you make. The lawyer might speak to your employer to request documentation that can be used as evidence in court. You will also need to provide evidence of getting paid, such as check stubs or bank statements if you get your money direct deposited.

Assess Your Home Environment

Your home environment is an important step of getting your children back from the state. You must have sufficient sleeping quarters for all of the kids to be comfortable. You must also live in a decent area that is not surrounded by drug dealers or other questionable people who can possibly encourage you to relapse. The lawyer might want you to provide photographs of the inside of your home, unless he or she takes them on your behalf. He or she will ask about the character of your friends as well.

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