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The Importance Of A Full Physical For Your Child After A Car Crash

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Experiencing a car crash as an adult can be a disorienting and frightening experience. However, it's even more so for children, and children may initially be too frightened or dazed to fully express whether or not they've experienced any injuries. If you and your child have been in a minor car accident, here's why your child may need medical attention.


It's common for adults and children alike to experience shock after a car accident. Between the sudden collision and noise, it's understandable for your child to feel dazed and confused. However, genuine shock can be extremely dangerous for your child's health, and it's possible for a child to experience shock even if they weren't injured by the car accident itself. Shock can potentially affect your child's breathing, cause weakness, nausea, and potentially put their life at risk.

If your child is showing any of these symptoms, you should get them to a doctor immediately, even if they weren't physically harmed during the accident. 

Determining the Cause of Pain

Physically active children may be covered in bumps, bruises, and scratches at any given time. Unfortunately, this can sometimes make it difficult for a child to recognize whether a part of their body that hurts after an accident came from the accident or was already there.

Even in minor car accidents, your child can potentially hit their head or have their sternum bruised by their seat belt. Another common car accident injury is whiplash, which is difficult to assess immediately following a car accident, as many children don't feel pain from whiplash until hours or even days later. If your child seems to be in pain immediately after the accident or even days later, don't hesitate - take them to a doctor.

What to Do if Injured

If you visit a doctor and learn that your child was injured in the accident, whether the injury is mental or physical, you should contact a lawyer. Let the doctor treat your child and ask them to keep meticulous notes regarding the injuries, symptoms, and treatment. If the doctor determines that your child's shock or injury is due to the accident, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help get a settlement that will cover your child's medical bills.

Adults can generally tell if a minor fender-bender has harmed them in any way, but it's important to take extra steps to guarantee that a child is safe. If a child seems to be unable to express themselves well or shows any symptoms of pain or shock, go to a doctor and get in touch with a lawyer right away.