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Can You Sue For Botched Plastic Surgery?

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For many people, cosmetic surgeries are a way to assist in boosting self confidence and self acceptance. Like any surgery, it comes with a price and instances of negligence on the doctor's part. Knowing the difference between an incompetent doctor and lips you just don't like will save you thousands of dollars and keep you needlessly in court.

What Is a Botched Plastic Surgery?

A botched surgery isn't simply not liking how a procedure turned out; it involves serious repercussions and complications. For instance, lip injections that swell to disproportionate sizes or breast implants that are different sizes would qualify as botched surgeries.

Some doctors also would like to capitalize on the popularity of cosmetic surgery and perform procedures without a license to do so. If the patient discovers after a surgery, good or bad, that the doctor was not qualified to perform the procedure, this would also fall under medical malpractice. As with any legal action, however, contacting a lawyer or law firm that specializes in cosmetic malpractice would be the first course of action. 

What Can You Expect If You Have a Case?

Obviously when undergoing a cosmetic malpractice suit, there will be some challenges. Since your case will be heard in front of a jury, there will always be the possibility of bias. Maybe some of the jurors had surgery performed by the doctor and loved the experience, maybe the jurors are automatically turned off by the fact that you underwent an elective procedure and are shocked it isn't perfect. We would all like to believe the jury of our peers is made up of a good representation of diverse people. However, in real life it's likely there's an older man or woman who is against the plaintiff from the beginning because they are against plastic surgery morally. There will be attorneys skilled at swaying difficult juries, so meeting with a few before making a decision is a good idea.

 Doctors taking the field lightly or trying to make a few extra bucks a month by offering collagen face fillers can end up with a rude wake up call. The last thing someone wants to do after healing from a medical procedure is realizing they will have to heal from another because the first one was a disaster. Err on the side of caution and when undergoing cosmetic procedures, choose a reputable, skilled, certified doctor. Your health is worth the hassle. Talk to a personal injury lawyer for more information.