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So You're Considering A Divorce: What Next?

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It's a common misconception that making the decision to proceed with a divorce is the hardest part of the process. The truth is, depending on your spouse and your circumstances, the real challenge still lies ahead of you, so it's important that you know what's coming and who you can turn to for help. If you haven't had the conversation with your spouse regarding this choice, being prepared will help you remain confident during that confrontation.

Before You Proceed

Be certain that going through a divorce is the right choice for you and your spouse. Once you broach the subject to your spouse there are a wide range of responses that can result, so plan accordingly. You have a better idea how your spouse will respond than any attorney, so make sure you speak your mind in a setting that is appropriate for their most likely reaction.

Make your stance clear, and communicate what steps you've already taken so that there's no doubt about your commitment. At the same time, unless there are serious or long-term problems, give your spouse a chance to respond and speak their mind on the situation.

If you do end up resolving your conflict at home, it's a lot easier to call off a divorce before the paperwork is filed.

Representing Your Interests

Unlike criminal cases, a divorce is a civil action, which means you'll be responsible for obtaining your own legal counsel. While not required, having an attorney on your side will ensure that there are no missteps on your part, and nothing in the divorce papers is overlooked. This is especially important if you and your spouse are separating on less than positive terms.

In addition to representing you during any court appearances, your attorney will be responsible for drafting and responding to any court documents necessary to begin the divorce process. This includes drawing up a preliminary divorce decree, and any separation agreement your state requires.

This is necessary to ensure that you and your spouse can have an amicable divorce, and so that nothing is hidden from the court which you might be entitled to, such as financial support or property.

No divorce is ever easy, but you can take steps to ensure that it's not any more difficult than it has to be. With the right preparations, and a serious discussion, you can feel more secure in the decision you've made. To learn more, contact a company like Madison Law Firm PLLC with any questions or concerns you have.