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3 Types Of Divorce Options

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When it comes to ending your marriage, you do have options. It is important to choose the best divorce type for your individual situation. The method of divorce you select can make a difference in a number of factors that may involve the costs and the speed at which it is finalized. Knowing the types of divorce options can be helpful if you are faced with this unfortunate situation.

Collaborative divorce

This divorce option is ideal for couples that want to work together as the marriage is ending.  A collaborative divorce will allow the couple to meet with a mediator and attorneys to discuss some of the things listed below:

1. How will the joint property be divided?

2.  If children are involved, who will get custody of the child?

3.  Will spousal support be paid and, if so, to which spouse?

4.  Who is responsible for paying any debt that is in both parties' names?

5.  What happens to funds that are in a joint bank account?

Being capable of working together on key issues will allow for a much less stressful end to the union.

Contested divorce

On the other hand, if one of the spouses wishes to end the marriage and the other one doesn't, this will require a contested divorce. This is a complex method to select and may be much more expensive to obtain because of the extensive need for legal services.

The average cost for a contested divorce in the United States is $15,000.

At-fault divorce

When one of the spouses is to blame for the problems in the marriage, and this can be proven, an at-fault divorce may be selected. It is necessary to show the courts that the divorce is the fault of the other spouse.

Listed below are common reasons to choose this divorce type:

1. Adultery – Having sexual encounters with a person outside of the marriage can allow for an at-fault divorce to be selected.

2. Incarceration – If your spouse has to spend time in prison, this can cause major problems in the marriage and may be the reason it ends.

3. Abuse – Suffering physical abuse from your spouse is grounds for an at-fault divorce.

Finally, choosing the best method of divorcing can impact how quickly it may happen. Be sure to consult with a divorce lawyer to obtain legal advice to help you deal with difficult life-altering situation.