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Is Fault-Based Divorce The Right Option?

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For many people who want to divorce their spouse, it seems natural to want to pursue a divorce based on the other spouse being at fault. On the surface, it sounds like this could allow you to gain more than the other party. Perhaps you look forward to getting spousal support or custody of the children by pursuing a fault-based divorce. Of course, this is not always the case. Do you want to know if you should consider a fault-based divorce? Read More»

How A Criminal Defense Lawyer Helps Clients During The Legal Process

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While some laws are pretty straightforward, the processes of the legal system can be very complex. This is why lawyers go to school for so long. When it comes to criminal matters, understanding what you are up against and how to defend yourself matters. A criminal conviction can haunt a person for years to come, and it may mean having your freedom restricted. If you’ve been charged with a crime and haven’t hired a lawyer, there are some important reasons you should do so fast. Read More»

You May Be Able To Have Your Burglary Charges Dismissed

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When an individual is accused of having broken into a home to commit a burglary, it might seem like there is no way for the burglar to prove that they are innocent. However, there are some cases where a misunderstanding or negligence on the part of an arresting officer can lead to the burglary charges being dropped, especially with the help of legal counsel from a criminal lawyer. Facing Burglary Charges Read More»

The Benefits Of Medicaid Planning

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As you age, it’s likely that your health care needs will increase. You may suffer more severe complications of a chronic disease, or you might have a condition like dementia that necessitates in-home care. The costs of such health care can be astronomical over time, and you don’t want to spend your life savings on your care – leaving nothing behind as a legacy for your children and grandchildren. For this reason, an estate planning attorney may recommend Medicaid planning. Read More»

4 Common Marriage-Related Issues That Family Law Attorneys Handle

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Have you ever wondered what a family law attorney does? Family law attorneys handle all kinds of events associated with family situations, plus they also offer many other services. Many of their services relate to marriage issues, though, and here are four common marriage-related issues that family law attorneys handle. 1. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements If you want to protect your assets when getting married, you can create a prenuptial agreement before you go through with the wedding. Read More»

3 Useful Facts About Bail Bonds

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No one wants to spend time in jail. Bail bonds can be used to secure someone’s release from jail after an arrest. Getting out on bail allows you to continue working and engaging with friends and family while you work toward a resolution of your legal case. A good understanding of bail bonds will be helpful if you find yourself needing to use these types of bonds in the future. Read More»

How Corporate Law Firms Can Assist Corporations With Impactful Contracts

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Corporations deal with high-stake contracts all of the time. It might be contracts for new employees or contracts for upcoming mergers. Either way, working with a corporate law firm when these contracts come up is a good idea because of the services they can provide. Choose a Particular State for Governing Laws If you’re dealing with a contract involving parties in different states, then it can be difficult figuring out which state law should be used to govern how this contract works. Read More»

Why You Need To Hire An Attorney When Filing Bankruptcy

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If you are in a dire financial situation, you might be thinking about filing bankruptcy on your own. You might not mind spending the time to fill out the paperwork yourself, and you might assume that you can do a good job of filing bankruptcy without the help of an attorney. However, although some people do end up filing and handling their own bankruptcy cases without legal representation, it often isn’t recommended. Read More»