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About Suing Your Employer For A Maritime Injury

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Were you badly injured during the process of performing a task for your employer in the maritime industry? It is possible that your employer is responsible for your injury, and you can find out with the help of a lawyer. You can file a lawsuit that will give you the money needed for your medical expenses so you can avoid a bad financial situation. In this article, you will learn what a lawyer can do to help build your case and win a settlement.

Have a Conversation with You About the Incident

Discussing your injury with a lawyer is the first step towards building a case against your employer. You can count on the lawyer asking questions to help the discussion go a lot smoother. For example, he or she will ask about the nature of the injury and what caused it to happen. You will be asked about any rules that are in place while you are on the job. Honesty is the foundation for building a good case, as being dishonest can lead to your case not being properly prepared for the defense lawyer.

Make Sure Your Complaint Can Be Legally Proven

No matter what you are complaining about, it will mean nothing legally without a sufficient amount of proof. You will need proof that you suffered an injury on the job and that it requires medical attention. You can give your lawyer medical receipts or bills as proof of the injury. If you can't work until the injury has healed, get a statement from your physician that proves it. The lawyer can also speak to a vocational expert to gather additional evidence of how your injury affects your physical ability to work your type of job.

Investigate the Business Ethics of Your Employer

Your lawyer will investigate the history that your employer has of running his or her business. For instance, an investigation will be done to find out if other workers have ever sued your employer for getting injured on the job. Your employer will be investigated to find out how well he or she provides maintenance for the boat, equipment, and other things that concerns employees.

Contact Your Employer to Discuss a Settlement

One of the perks of having help from a lawyer is the possibility of a fast settlement. Before your case ends up in court, your lawyer will try to negotiate with your employer and his or her legal representative. If there is cooperation in the matter, your case might get settled via mediation. When mediation isn't successful, a court trial will have to take place. Tell a lawyer about your maritime injury to find out how much money you are eligible for in a lawsuit.